We are proud to present our new music video for “Carry Me”.

Directed and produced by Rolluf Dunsæd and Matt Willis-Jones
Edited by Matt Willis-Jones

The Sunday Concert

February 23, 2010


Note from concert at Sporet, Larvik

Would very much like to share this note that was left for us after the concert at Sporet in Larvik. It is highly appreciated that they want us to play again. The story goes that we made it before 15 and put a raincheck on that concert for another time, but its nice to feel loved.

Thanks again to Ståle, Rune, Stig and Thomas for a very nice evening.

Bernard Briis Band

Hello friends and fans.

February 23, 2010

Bernard Briis Band is now hitting big waves on the Internet with a brand new website. This is temporary as we are planning even bigger things, but we want to keep you guys updated on what is happening in the world of Bernard Briis.

As some of you know we have just released our first recording which goes by the name Bernard Briis Band EP. Just a little cute double 7″ vinyl that is avaliable on Big Dipper. The mix and master is done by Jarle Steinhovden and the cover is made by Stig Jensen and Lars Tveikra. Thanks in advance to everyone that buys one.

The EP is avaliable for listening and download at urørt and at our Myspace.

Last and not least, I would like to inform you that the band has gone away on the high seas to record new material. We will come back with more information on a later date.

Thanks everyone for the support getting us this far and we are looking forward to our relationship in the future.

Bernard Briis Band